adapting to change

Scotland’s Everest

Mental Preparation (Belief, Focus, Clarity of Thought) important for Scotland to record historic first victory over New Zealand All Blacks

Mental Preparation I played New Zealand many times. I lost to New Zealand many times. I came close to beating New Zealand several times. But I didn’t. Looking back we lost those close games in the mind. There were games when I don’t believe that every member of our squad genuinely thought we would win. […]

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All teams have a culture. What’s yours?

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I was still at school when I first represented Strathendrick men’s team. At no point was I made to do any awkward initiation. A few years later, joining Watsonians, the initiation was to join the senior members of the team at the back of the bus for some cheese and wine. Granted it was a […]

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Adapting to Change

There is an inevitability to change, however some do not like adapting to change. It means leaving their comfort zone (for discussion on Comfort Zones see my last Blog). For others it leads to uncertainty. Let’s return to rugby for a moment. Familiarity is a rugby player’s friend. Team mates, coaches, their home stadium, training […]

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