Emotional Intelligence

It’s good to talk. It’s better to listen

Do you listen or are you just waiting to talk? In my last Blog (“That’s not what I meant…”) I discussed some important aspects of how you communicate. One I touched on was listening. This is such a big part of communication it merits its own Blog. Here I will discuss Active Listening, what it […]

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Team-Building. Teams Need Personalities.

Allow for individual expression within a team building context to promote effective teams

An interesting article from the Harvard Business Review on team effectiveness, and how to build a successful team. Thanks to Vicky Russell for sharing the link on Twitter. This relates to my previous article posted on ( about the importance of individual expression in building a successful team. When it comes to team building […]

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The “I” in Team

Teamwork and working together improves performance. Provided you still allow for some individual expression within the team.

Important Individual Characteristics Within a Team Colin Gregor writes: For a team to operate, individuals within that team must behave in certain ways and display certain characteristics. There must be an overarching culture that defines how individuals are expected to perform, however there must also be freedom for individual expression within this framework. Here I […]

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